Top Reasons to Rehabilitate Your Timber-Framed Home

Timber-framed homes are here to stay. Even if they are one of the oldest types of housing, we still see timber-framed homes everywhere we go. With the incomparable classic ambiance and the rustic look that timber-framed homes exude that cannot be found in other housing options, this kind of housing is still prevalent in almost all parts of the world until today.

Although timber is known for its longevity when appropriately seasoned, timber-framed homes need rehabilitation at some point.

Enhance the Design

Some houses made from timber must have been built years ago and has antiquated designs. Owners may want a more modern design that is more suitable to these times but still want to keep the ambiance of living in a timber-framed house.

Changing the design may also change the look of a home. But when the original design is enhanced with some modern touches, the fusion of the old and the new may level up the aesthetic qualities of a timber-framed house.

Improve Functionality

Timber homes that were made decades ago may not be as functional as houses are supposed to be during these modern times. Bathrooms may …