Why not to buy Asus EEE PC 4G


Anyone who may see this model of laptop would be really tempted to buy one. Its stylish design and portability make it a hit for a person who is always mobile. The price is also affordable.

However, taking a look at its basic specification, consumers must first think twice to buy this laptop model at this early stage of its development. Why?

1. Very low memory storage. The original Linux OS distributed on the EEE PC leaves 1.4 GB available (on the 4 GB models) to the user for personal files on the internal SSD. If the owner of this laptop will install a more preferred OS, that is Windows XP (2.6 GB) and MS Office (152 MB), it will leave him, approximately, only 1.23 GB of Memory for storage. (Besides, installing a better OS will require buying an external CD ROM).
Storage for large collection of mp3s, movies, pics, games, etc will really be a problem. Thus, if there will be no built-in storage for these entertainment tools, aside from word processing, what would be the extra benefit from this laptop?

2. Low pixel resolution. Its 800×480 pixels resolution, may limit usability with some applications. Yeah, it’s like using a personal computer with no video card driver installed.

3. Limited functionality. Due to its low memory storage, its functionality is limited to word processing, or perhaps, making power point presentation, play some low end games, listen to limited number of music, and/or surf internet for 40 hrs for 1 month if you could subscribe to SMART Bro Plan 799. In short, nothing a little more than a mobile phone.

4. Premature Technology. It’s pretty obvious that the technology used by ASUS on this laptop model is quite premature, Apple Ipod, on the other hand, has already more than 40 GB of Solid State Drive at a very compact size, why won’t ASUS adopted such kind of technology.
It is very soon that its competitor will release a laptop of the same size as the ASUS EEE PC 4G model but with a higher memory and better resolution for better flexibility to install high-end applications.

Everyone would love to have this model of laptop. But buying now is not advisable because it’s much probable that this would be obsolete very soon.
Another alternative: to have a “real” laptop, just add Php 10,000 more to the Php 19,200 budget and definitely, that’s enough budget to buy other brand of laptop that is much better than ASUS EEEPC.

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