Car/Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Rating in Kilometers per Liter


According to the Department of Energy’ s (DOE) 2006 fuel economy run results for passenger and light duty vehicle, also shown below, Toyota Vios 1.3L has the highest Fuel efficiency rating among passenger cars and among others, with a mileage of 22.16 Km/Liter of gasoline, followed by BMW 520d Stepronic 199cc with a mileage of 21.07 Km/liter of diesel.

See the complete results below;

Unit/Model Fuel Transmission Fuel Transmission Efficiency
Passenger Car      
MITSUBISHI Galant 2.4 L Gasoline Automatic 12.76
TOYOTA Vios 1.3L Gasoline Manual 22.16
TOYOTA Altis 1.6 L Gasoline Manual 16.66
VOLVO All New S40 2.4 L Gasoline Automatic/Manual 11.45
HONDA City 1.5 L Gasoline Automatic 18.21
HONDA City 1.3 L Gasoline Automatic 17.5
HONDA Civic 1.8 L Gasoline Automatic 11.39
KIA Rio 1.4 L Gasoline Manual 15.66
KIA Picanto 1.1 L Gasoline Manual 20.8
HYUNDAI ACCENT 1.5 L Gasoline Manual 19.01
HYUNDAI GETZ 1.5 L Gasoline Manual 19.19
BMW 730Ld Steptronic 2993 cc Gasoline Automatic 11.76
BMW 520d Steptronic 1995cc Gasoline Automatic 21.07
S U V      
VOLVO XC 90 2.4 L Diesel Automatic/
MITSUBISHI Montero 2.8 L Diesel Automatic 11.23
BMW X3 2.0d 1995 cc Diesel Manual 14.1
BMW X5 3.0d 1995 cc Diesel Automatic 8.37
KIA Sorento CRDi 2.5 L Diesel Automatic 11.6
ISUZU Crosswind 2.5 L Diesel manual 16.15
ISUZU Aterra 3.0 L Diesel Automatic 11.86
Multipurpose Vehicle      
MITSUBISHI Grandis 2.4 L Gasoline Automatic 12.76
TOYOTA Innova 2.5 L Gasoline Manual 16.55
ISUZU D-MAX 2.0 L Diesel Manual 14.24

A mileage of more than 20 kilometers per liter of gasoline or diesel is really a significant savings in the fuel cost. But I`m sure it has some drawback in other aspects, specially the price of the vehicle.

Maybe DOE should also show the test conditions they used to avoid exaggerations and partial and misleading information. Also, we don’t know what brand of fuel they used in the test, whether Petron, Shell, or Caltex. Or does it really matter?

Anyway, this one is a good reference if your going to buy a new car.

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