A Simple Way to Increase Globe Wimax Signal Strength and Download Speed (Method number 2)


Last time we discussed here-> http://www.jcmiras.net/surge/p239.htm a method to increase your Globe wimax signal strength, download speed and stability using a reflector.

Here, we’ll discuss a pretty simpler way to increase your Globe Wimax strength. All you need is a rope, yes, a rope. Here is the procedure;

1. Disconnect your external antenna to your Wimax modem. As discussed here -> http://www.jcmiras.net/surge/p239.htm, you don’t need that external antenna. Besides, antenna is prone to lightning strike!

2. Securely tie your modem using a rope (because you’re going to hang it). See picture below on how I tied my Globe Wimax modem.

3. Hang your modem to the top-most part of your window. Please refer again to the picture below on how I did it. Off-course, since your modem is “hanging around” you will need a wifi router to make internet connection to your computer, and an extension wire.

4. Rotate the modem and fix it to a position with the best signal strength.

Globe Wimax Modem

From I crippling strength of around 60%, after doing this technique, I managed to achieve a signal strength of 100%, consistently.

Globe Wimax Speed

Important note: Please make sure that there is a base station in your modem’s line-of-site, otherwise, you might not get the signal strength performance that I got. Also, this might only work perfectly if your window is atleast two stories high.

Disclaimer: This website is not responsible if your modem was damaged or stolen by “akyat bahay” by doing this technique.

  • sir.. patulong naman... di ako makapasok sa admin ng wimax ko... di ko macheck ang signal tuloy ma check kung ilang %meron ang signal ko.... sobrang bagal po kc ng connection ko.. tnx!!!

  • sir... sa pagkakaalam ko wala pa kong na set na password sa wimax ko... bat parang may naka set ng iba... iba di ko tuloy mabuksan account ko to check my signal...sobrang low kc ng download speed ko...

  • marykathleen nagata

    sir paano ko po maayos yung naputol na wire from the antenna to my wimax modem yung wire po na yun yung kinoconnect para makakuha ng mas malakas na signal.. tnx po!

  • marykathleen nagata

    hello po! please help me figure out how to fix the wires for my globe wimax. nasira po kasi yung wire from the antenna to the modem. yung kinababit sa modem para mas mkakuha ng signal. tnx po!

  • sir how can i change the connect frequency 2602000KHz to 2612000KHz...please help me...thanks

  • ahm 512kbps inaplayan ko pede ba upgrade ito ng 1mbps,,,,and advisable ba gamitin 512kbps pang wifi zone,,,,ilan ba talaga maximum download speed kapag 512kbps,,tnx,,

  • jcmiras

    Answer to both question is yes... maximum download speed should around (more or less) 512 kbps.

  • Sir tanong ko lang po pano ko malalaman kung 1MBPS or 512KPBS ang wimax ko? gusto ko sanang macheck kung anong actual speed po nya.

  • jcmiras

    try mo speedtest dot net or testmy dot net. I prefer the second one.

  • pano po ma increase yung speed nya 100kbps lng po yung skin eh pero yung iba po umaabot hangan 500kbps :(( tell me plss

  • sir skin stable lng yon net na wimax pero 100 kbps lng sya pano ko po ma increase yung speed nya?

  • mhelvhine

    sir my connection is 512kbps and when im watching hayagtv it always reconnects.... and always buferring. if i will do this methods will i achieve the same connection speed.??? im residing in sta maria bulacan... thank you and more power

  • jcmiras

    Is 512kbps your plan? or your actual speed? If your answer to both questions is Yes, then I would say that 512 kbps is not enough for online streaming of movies. You would need atleast 1mbps of speed. You can check your actual speed using testmy.net

  • sir, how can i change my DL frequency to 2612000Khz or 2622000Khz, coz my DL freq now is 2602000Khz. thanks

  • jcmiras

    The simplest way is by reseting your modem until the DL frequency changed. The sure but harder way is by removing other frequencies and left only your desired one. But to be able to do this you need to log-in to the admin account.

  • romeo_valencia2001

    sir di b poh pag ni reset ung wimax uulit po s umpisa pag poh b bumbababa ung signal na dating 73 percent then ngaun 60 n lng pero ang DL nya preho s ngaun at dati ok lng poh b un ???di poh b bumagal ang wimax??tthx txtbk  poh asap

  • jcmiras

    Not necessary babagal yan kapag bumaba anf signal strength. Try reseting again.

  • romeo_valencia2001

     sir ung DL frequency b sir un ito b ung DL_FEC tnung lng poh thz ksi poh ung dating DL_FEC 64-QAM ngaun n lng poh ay DL_FEC 16-QAM bumaba po b sya tnung lng poh slamat???

  • jcmiras

    That's the type of signal modulation. You should be able to achieve higher DL speed using 64-QAM, followed by 16-QAM, etc.

  • romeo_valencia2001

    sir  jm  pag poh b ung pag binubuksan account di poh bwal un di poh b mgagalit ung  s globe wima???

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