How to Increase Globe Wimax Signal Strength, Download Speed and Stability


 A Simple Way to Increase Globe Wimax Signal Strength and Download Speed (Method number 2)

When I left my old apartment for a new house, I also left my good internet connectivity through Skybroadband. My subscription plan then was 1.5Mbs with a speed-on-demand of 2.02 Mbps.

In my new place, the only available internet service provider (ISP) is PLDT DSL. However, they require me to have a landline phone to be installed together with internet connection, making it quite expensive; besides, I don’t need a landline phone. My other choice is Globe DSL, however, they have no line yet in our subdivision. To cut the story short, Globe installed a Wimax (fixed wireless connection) modem together with an external antenna in my house. My initial subscription plan was 1 mbps but globe screwed and my connection cannot achieve that speed so I downgraded it to 512 kbps.

Here’s the dilemma; I am just a kilometer away from the globe base station, no line of sight obstruction or what so ever but the signal strength was only around 60%. This is acceptable, according to globe technician, who visited me many times because of previous problem of not achieving the 1 mbps subscribed speed, and should still give me a good internet connection. Back then I was using the DL frequency of 2505000 Khz, that’s the only frequency that has the highest signal strength so I peg it to that. (You can search the net on how to do that). Then several weeks later, I could not connect to that frequency again, the next frequency that could gave me 2nd highest signal strength was 2612000 Khz which is only around 40%. This is not acceptable signal strength to have a good connection. Since I didn’t want to ask some help from globe CSRs that don’t know anything but to say “sorry” and forward technical concerns to other people who don’t know what he/she is saying, I tried to solve my problem, which should be Globe’s problem, all by my self.

Here’s how I improved my Globe Wimax signal strength from a crippling 40% to a very stable 96%. Note that this might only applicable to my case;

1. Remove your connection to the external antenna. Reason? The technician that came to my house said that the internal antenna of the Wimax modem (Huawei BM622) has a higher gain compared to the external antenna. But, I think, you still have to make sure that there is no obstruction in the line of sight to the globe tower. In my case, though, the wall of my house obstructs the line-of-sight but seems doesn’t matter. Result: signal strength: maximum of 55%. This is already acceptable to have a good connection.
2. Rotate your modem, make sure that its back is facing the globe base station. Keep rotating the modem until you find the best spot that gives you the highest signal strength possible. Result: signal strength: 55% - 65%.
3. Here is the best part: put an aluminum foil insulator (this is the one that is being used as a ceiling material. You can buy this in the construction supply store nearest to you), beside your wimax modem. The objective here is to reflect the wimax transmitted signal to your modem, so you have to find the best location of the aluminum foil reflector. In my case, the signal strength increased to whooping 86%.
4. Put some more aluminum foil insulator around the modem to reflect more signal. In my case, the signal strength increased to a very stable 96%, sometimes 100%. As a result, download speed is consistently high and stable and sometimes, above my subscribe speed of 512kbps. Below is the photo of what I did.

Wimax relector

Wimax Signal strength

It would also be helpful to peg your DL frequency to the one that could give you the highest signal strength possible. There is a lot of tutorial to do this in the internet. But in any case, if you don’t know how to do this, you should still be able to improve your signal strength using the above mentioned very simple procedure. Besides, your modem will automatically choose the best DL frequency for you.

A Simple Way to Increase Globe Wimax Signal Strength and Download Speed (Method number 2)

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