What are the Standard AC Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Voltages in the Philippines?


- Luzon Grid: 500kV, 230kV, 115kV (Mostly MERALCO franchise areas)
- Visayas Grid: 138kV,  230kV
- Mindanao Grid: 138kV, (With a proposed 230kV system)

Sub-transmission:  Mostly 69 kV

(Note that transmission and sub-transmission lines for this case are classified according to technical function. After the Passage of RA 9136 or the “Electric Power Inductry Reform Act”, transmission and sub-transmission lines were classified according to commercial function. That is, a 69kV line could be classified as a transmission line if it has a commercial or competitive role among customers using it.)

For Most Electric Cooperatives:
- Primary distribution system: 13.8 kV/13.2kV (Some system of Benguet Electric Cooperative, in particular, uses 24 kV System)
- Utilization Voltage: 220V / 440 V

MERALCO and Other private utilities:
- Primary distribution system: 34.5kV, 13.8kV, 8.3kV, 6.24kV, 4.8kV
- Utilization Voltage: 220V / 440 V

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