25.6 MW FCVC Diesel Power Plant


The 32 MW First Cabanatuan Ventures Corp. (FCVC) Diesel Power Plant located in Cabanatuan City Neva Ecija, Philippines. It is privately owned by the First Cabanatuan Ventures Corp. It was commissioned on January 15, 1996 to supply some of the energy requirement of the Cabanatuan Electric Corp (Celcor). The Power Plant Company is something like an IPP (Independent Power Producer) of Celcor; Just like the set-up of MERALCO, Davao Light, and VECO and its IPP’s.

The Diesel Plant is not directly connected to the 230 kV transmission grid. Instead, it is embedded to the Celcor’s distribution system and interconnected to its 13.8 kV backbone. 

FCVC Diesel Powered Plant

Google Earth Location Map:

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