Coal-Fired Power Plants in the Philippines


Although Philippines has a lot of indigenous and clean energy resources, the country is still reliant on “high CO2-emitting” coal-fueled power plants as a source of electricity; simply because electricity generated from these plants is still cheaper compared to some of the indigenously fueled power plants in the country. The price of indigenous energy sources in the Philippines is high due to either or all of the following reasons;
- indigenous energy sources in the Philippines, like geothermal and natural gas, are heavily taxed by the Government
- The prices of some indigenous energy sources are indexed to imported fuels. The cost of the geothermal steam of Tiwi and Makban, for example is indexed to imported coal, therefore, the electricity generated by these geothermal plants and coal plants do not have much difference.
- Some Hydroelectric Independent Power Producers like Casecnan Hydro Electric Power Plant sell there electricity at incredibly high price due to the Plant’s expensive construction cost.

Coal that is used for the coal-fired power plants in the Philippines is either imported or sourced locally (in Semirara).

Below is the list of Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plants in The Philippines;

Plant Name Installed Capacity
Owner Technology Year Comm. Location Remarks
Sual Coal Power Plant 1294 TEAM Energy Pulverized Coal 1999 Sual, Pangasinan NPC-IPP / Formerly owned by Mirant
Masinloc Coal Power Plant 600 consortium of Masinloc Power Partners Co. Ltd. and Singapore-based AES Transpower Pte Ltd Pulverized Coal 1998 Masinloc, Zambales  
Qezon Power Plant, Ltd. 511 Consortium of InterGen, Ogden Energy, Group Global Power, Investments and PMR Limited Pulverized Coal 2000 Mauban, Quezon MERALCO IPP
Pagbilao Coal Power Plant 728 TEAM Energy Pulverized Coal 1996 Pagbilao, Quezon NPC-IPP / Formerly owned by Mirant
Calaca 1 and 2 600 NPC Pulverized Coal 1984 / 1995 Calaca, Batangas  
APEC 50 APEC Circulating Fluidized Bed 2006 Mabalacat, Pampanga  
Toledo 88.8 ?? ??? 1993 Toledo City, Cebu  
Cebu Thermal Power Plant 109.3 NPC but operated by Salcon Power Pulverized Coal 1981 Naga, Cebu  
Mindanao Coal Plant 232 STEAG Pulverized Coal 2006 Villanueva, Misamis Oriental NPC - IPP

Percent share of Coal Fired Power Plants in The Philippine Generation Mix (source:;

Year % Share GWh
2002 37 14018
2003 31 12067
2004 32 13194
2005 28 11674
2006 29 11018
2007 30 12533
2008 28 8748

  • Can you give me a list of coal mines here in the Philippines where the coal fired power plants get their source as fuel?

  • jcmiras

    Most of the coal are being sourced abroad, except for Calaca Plant that source its coal from Semirara coal mines.

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