The 600 MW Calaca (Batangas) Coal Fired Power Plant


The Batangas Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant (or also called, Calaca Power Plant) is a 600 MW plant composed of 2 x 300 MW generating units. The first unit was constructed in Sep. 1981 - Sep. 1984 and commissioned in Sep. 1984. The second unit was commissioned in Dec. 1995 and is designed to use local, low quality coal, specifically, the Semirara Coal. The power plant is owned and operated by the National Power Corporation (NPC).

Due to NPC’s low O and M budget allocation, the plant rapidly deteriorated and now barely run at its 600 MW full load capacity in the past few years. In the past three years or so, the plant only ran at a dependable capacity of around 350 MW due to various and recurring mechanical problems.

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