Free (Power Flow) Power System Analysis Simulation Software


Luckily, these days, power system analysis simulation software companies now offer free trial version of their commercial software. These free download / CD all allow power flow or load flow simulation up to some limited number of busses. This is quite helpful for analyzing small systems or simply for academic purposes only.

Of some of known power system analysis companies, so far, only Neplan, PowerWorld and ETAP offer free trial version;

Software Name Company Trial Version Name Limitations How to get a copy
PSSE PTI-Siemens - No Available Demo Version -    
ETAP 6.0 ETAP ETAP 6.0 Demo Version Not yet determined CD request
Power World PowerWorld Corporation PowerWorld Simulator Version 13. (also contains module on Available Transfer Capability (ATC) ; Optimal Power Flow (OPF), Security Constrained OPF (SCOPF); OPF Reserves; PV/QV Curve Tool) can handle small cases containing up to 12 buses. The full version of Simulator can handle systems with up to 100,000 buses. Direct Download
EDSA EDSA Micro Corporation - No Available Demo Version -    
DAPPER SKM - No Available Demo Version -    
NEPLAN´┐Ż Electricity NEPLAN NEPLAN Demo (5.3.5) Not yet determined Direct Download

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