Limay, Bataan Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Stations


The Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant in Limay, Bataan was constructed under a turnkey Design and Build Contract, a Build-Transfer-Operated (BTO) Scheme, between NPC and the consortium of ABB/Marubeni Corporation/Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.

Limay, Bataan Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Stations

Under the BTO scheme, NPC financed the construction of the power plant. Once completed, ownership of the power plant was transferred to NPC while ABB handled its operation and maintenance.

Designed for rapid start capability, this power plant is excellent for peaking purposes. The power plant is composed of two power stations (300 MW Limay A and 300 MW Limay B).

Limay A and B started its commercial operation on Oct. 1994 and Jan. 1995 and will terminate on Oct. 2009 and Jan 2008, respectively. The IPP contract is thus for 15-year cooperation period. NPC guaranteed the off-take of the power plants energy output.

The Plant’s primary fuel is blended fuel or Fuel oil No. 6. The project cost for Limay A and Limay B is USD298 Million and USD350 Million, respectively.

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