The Disadvatages of Hosting Your Website at Godaddy - a Review


I thought that my quest for a better web host has already ended when I shifted from a local web hosting company to Godaddy. But the situation just turned from bad to worse.

Even if Godaddy has advantages over local web hosts and even among US based hosting companies in terms of price (US$4.08/mo for 10 GB of disk space and 300 GB of bandwidth) and its popularity in the industry (for being the number one domain registrar in the world), the drawbacks, however may be unbearable. Relative to my previous local host, Godaddy has the following disadvantages;

1. Godaddy is not using Cpanel. I think Cpanel is already a standard for website management. And since Godaddy, is not using Cpanel, it doesn’t have the following functionality;
a. View of the latest search engine bots and browser visits. Though they do offer statistics, it is, however, not as user-friendly as that of Cpanel.
b. IP deny manager
c. And importantly, instant downloadable home directory and database back-up.
Godaddy uses its own version of control panel, however, this is slow and not as user-friendly as Cpanel; making site management hard and can easily pissed you off.


2. Some important PHP functions like file_get_content() and file () are disabled in Godaddy. Even the global-translator plugin of wordpress for site language translation does not work properly in Godaddy.

3. Creating database in Godaddy is not as simple as creating database in Cpanel/Phpmyadmin managed websites, that is, server host is not localhost, and database name and username should be the same. Also, creating database is not instant; you still have to wait for a while before it is created. SQL imports are also limited to 2 MB. Moreover, their economy hosting limits the mysql databases to 10, unlike other web host which has unlimited databases.

My site lasted for only one week in Godaddy until I shifted to Hostgator just today, hoping that it will be better. Unlike Godaddy, hostgator is using cpanel for site management, and it is also faster, just like my first one.

Too bad, Godaddy doesn’t have a money back guarantee to refund my annual web hosting payment. But this is already a good decision since I can’t take it any longer in Go daddy. [I intentionally deleted this paragraph as a matter of courtesy to Allon of the Office of the President of Godaddy, who personally emailed me and told me that though they do not have posted refund policy in their website, Godaddy, INDEED, allow a refund if the hosting services account was canceled]

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    To be honest, my website was suspended by Justhost because of over 10% usage of cpu and over 50 concurrent connections. But the same website I transfered to Godaddy and I did not get any problem for last 9 months. hostgator it's limit is only 25 in shared hosting

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