Software Review: Circuit Maker Student Version

Circuit Maker Student Version is a downloadable and free to use copy of Circuit Maker primarily for student projects and evaluation purposes only. Circuit Maker is, basically, a circuit schematic capture and simulation tool that can simulate digital, analog and mixed analog/digital circuits using CircuitMaker’s Berkeley SPICE3f5/XSpice-based simulator. Circuit maker is easy to use and has the capability just like other advance circuit simulation tool like PSpice and Orcad.

Though, the Student Version has a limited capabilities in some functions and limited number of components to be use in the circuit design, the allowable functions and components are more than enough to create a simulation for a student project.

Example of Circuit Maker Simulation for Astable Multivibrator Circuit

Screenshot of the schematic diagram of an Astable Multivibrator Circuit created using Circuitmaker Student Version . Click the picture to view the full screenshot of the simulation.

Some common feature of Circuit Maker is an easy to use User interface for drag and drop of circuit components, and a visual oscilloscope to view the behaviorr of current, power and voltage waves.To download Circuit Maker Student Version, just visit there website at

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